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the atman is the universal self, the divine self, the eternal self, the true self

Atman Chiropractic

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At Atman Chiropractic we view the world through a vitalistic lens. This perspective implies that we understand the presence of a higher power, a life force, an equilibrium driven energy that inhabits all living things and indeed makes them "living". By nature this force promotes healing.

Our mission is to better connect the individual to this force through principled chiropractic care. In doing so, allowing the physical and energetic bodies to better integrate the feeling or perception of this vitalistic force. In the physical body this provides the ability to produce healthy cells as we replace old cells that kick the bucket daily. In the energetic body it allows us to increase our vibration through a deeper connection with God, Source, Universe, Quantum field, etc. All of which allows us to come to a deeper understanding of our true selves.

Our Mission

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What do we do?
  • We look at both, the physical and tonal/energetic bodies in order to assess the current state of the individual.

  • In doing so we perform adjustments that make the traditional "pop" most are used to as well as adjustments that consist of connecting different energetic points of the body based on energetic and musculoskeletal tone (this may not seem like much at first).

  • The combination of this treatment protocol allows the individual to become more mindful of their physical, mental, and emotional state.

  • This mindfulness allows the individual to process energy, events, and information that has been both consciously and unconsciously stored in the body and are expressing physical, mental, and emotional characteristics or habits.

  • As we begin to process past events/ energy, it allows us to redefine ourselves in the present moment where there is no perceived threat and the brain believes that it is safe.

  • This is when we can begin to come to a deeper understanding of who and what we truly are.

  • Now we can begin to access our divine connection and live at our highest human potential!



What the experts say

BJ Palmer D.C
Dr. B.J. Palmer D.C., Chiropractor
Dr. B.J. Palmer D.C., Chiropractor

Healing is the process afforded to you by your creator and is above and beyond the control of man. Your chiropractor does everything possible to help innate heal but he cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you. When the right adjustment is made, innate goes to work. You feel the results when dis-ease turns to ease.

BJ Palmer D.C

Developer of PRINCIPLED chiropractic

Dr. Bruce Lipton

When you're in fear you take all the available energy of your body and use it for fight or flight purposes, you shut down growth, and you shut down the immune system.

Bruce Lipton PhD
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton PhD

International leader in bridging science and spirit

Joe Dispenza D.C
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Joe Dispenza

The body doesn't know the difference between an experience and a thought; you can literally change your biology, neuro-circuitry, chemistry, hormones, and genes simply by having an inner event.

Joe Dispenza D.C

International author, lecturer, and educator

Dr. Reggie Gold D.C., chiropractor

Medical doctors can't cure anything and chiropractors can't cure anything. All the scientists and doctors in the world don't have the wisdom and understanding to heal a blade of grass- but chiropractic unleashes your bodies potential for its God- given ability to heal itself.

Reggie Gold D.C
Dr. Reggie Gold D.C., chiropractor
Reggie Gold D.C

Formerly renowned principled chiropractor and speaker

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We don't simply seek to heal your neck or back pain; I seek to be a conduit for connecting you to God, the quantum field, the Infinite Incorruptible Source, to your true self, and living at your highest potential.

It's our goal to allow everyone to come to an understanding of their perfection. Chiropractic is simply about allowing the body to adapt to or heal from the various stressors we encounter in our daily lives that cause differing levels of dysfunction or dis-ease. Chiropractic helps us live a fully functional life.

Dr. Christopher Hance D.C.
Dr. Ashton Hoffman D.C.
Prices/ Contact
$95 New Patient Exam
$60/ visit after initial exam

1433 E. State Route 89A

Cottonwood, AZ 86326



By Appointment Only

Mon & Wed 9-12 & 3-6

Tues. & Thurs. 10-1

Friday 9-12

Dr. Chris D.C.: 417-499-4958

Dr. Ashton D.C.: 402-250-8191

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